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Corey’s Cars Mobile Mechanic Terms & Consent Form

Must be 18 or older.

I understand and consent to having an experienced Technician arrive at the specified location and exact time appointed to Diagnose and or repair my vehicle by Corey’s Cars.

I understand that my technician's time is critical in performing repair procedures and will respect his time, as I am aware he has other appointments scheduled.
I understand in some cases repairs may take longer than expected.
(Broken/Stripped bolts from rust, wrong parts, etc.

I understand Corey’s Cars does not travel for free and there will a be an additional Travel Deposit at HALF the cost of initial deposit if he has to return.

I understand if my technician performs a repair on my vehicle, it is my obligation to pay for the service(s) rendered. If the Technician did not fix the issue and there are additional services needed, I agree to pay him for service rendered.
If for any reason I decide not to pay for services rendered, I understand legal actions will be taken.
Corey’s Cars services are not free.

I understand if I inform my technician a part is needed and he provides parts and renders service, but it does not fix the issue... I agree to pay for service(s) rendered. (Parts & Labor)

I understand if I inform my technician a part is recommended, and I provide the parts... I agree to pay for service(s) rendered.

I understand that having my vehicle diagnosed by an experienced Technician to find the exact cause is recommended before any repairs are rendered. If I choose not to have it diagnosed, the Technician is not at fault if repair did not fix issue.


Please be sure to message us to verify if we service your area. Our Service Range is 25 miles from Douglasville, Ga, 30135.
A Non-Refundable Travel Deposit has to be paid in advance to secure and confirm your appointment. This fee is separate and does not go towards repair cost. The full street address will be needed to determine the amount this deposit. Once the appointment is booked, there will be No Refunds. You will be given an opportunity to reschedule within 14 days.

To better assist you with providing an accurate quote, the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is needed. We service ALL MAKES AND MODELS. We do not guess labor or part cost. Please be prepared to provide us with any info related to your repair. To receive a quote for a repair, please message or email us. Please be patient. Your quote will be sent asap.

Most repairs come with a 30-day warranty. If a problem occurs within 30 days, a Technician will pull up and assess the problem free of charge. No travel deposit required.

We do understand you may not know what the actual issue is with your vehicle. No worries. We're here to assist!

Read & Sign Terms of Agreement Consent form.

Secure and Confirm your appointment with Travel Deposit and your all set!

Booking Terms & Conditions

In the event of a Same day Cancellation, there will be a $100 charge for the inconvenience.
In the event of a NO CALL/NO SHOW, there will be a 100% charge for service booked. Please refrain from doing this.

You will be given one chance to reschedule if you fall under these conditions. Travel Deposit required.

After 15 minutes there will be a $20 late fee added to your appointment. After 30mins your appointment will be canceled, and you will be charged our Last-Minute Cancellation Fee for services booked. (100% of service). If you fail to do so you will be banned from utilizing our services any longer and legal actions will be taken.

When your technician arrives, please be prepared to provide them with your car keys. Your keys will remain in his possession until completion of service(s) and payment has been received.

After completion of service, you will receive a receipt in-person or via email. The receipt will have the company's name (logo) and information detailing the services rendered. You will not receive a receipt from the part store.

Please respect your technician's workspace. In a shop, you're not allowed to enter the work area without permission to prevent any injuries and or lawsuits. Please keep children away. We understand it's your property, but please be considerate and mindful of the situation.

Please No Violence. If your technician feels threatened, they will leave without completion of service. Please refrain from being argumentative. This will only affect your repair time. We ask that our technicians leave immediately to avoid confrontations. If in any event you decide not to pay for service(s) rendered, you will be charged our Payment Refusal Fee for the service(s) booked. (100% of service) Zero Tolerance for violence.

We are Covid and Monkey Pox Friendly. We sanitize areas inside of vehicles before touching and sanitize the areas after completion of service. Please keep children away from work area to prevent injury.
Please refrain from long conversations with your Technician. This keeps him from completing the assignment in a timely matter. Preventing his prompt arrival to the next appointment.

Pictures/Videos may be taken while your Technician works, for promotional purposes.

If your Technician provides the incorrect parts for service and does not have time to render service requested, travel deposit will not be required and you will be able to reschedule.

If you provide the incorrect parts for service and your Technician does not have time to render service, you will have to pay an additional deposit at full price to reschedule.

NO Electrical troubleshooting
NO Old School engine code troubleshooting (96 or newer)
NO metal brake lines.
NO Engine/Transmission rebuilds
NO Head gasket repair
NO Timing Chain/Belt repair
NO broken or stripped bolt repair, unless caused by us.

By checking this box, I accept the Terms of Service. This agreement will stay in effect for this visit and all other future follow-ups by Corey’s Cars Mobile Mechanic Technicians. I have read and fully understand all the information in this agreement. I am at least 18 years of age and consent to the agreement and repair procedure.
We are excited about providing you with professional & affordable service! We have these terms set in place to ensure our clients have the best experience possible. Thank you for choosing Corey’s Cars Mobile Mechanic!